July 28 - August 4, 2012 - Prague, Czech Republic



Meals will include breakfast, served in the cafeteria of the dormitory, lunch and some dinners. Students have several options for meals, choosing to cook with friends at the dorm or eat out. Food in the Czech Republic is delicious and reasonably priced (an average meal with main dish, side dish, drink, and tip costs around 5- 8 EUR). There are many fast foods - McDonalds, KFC and bunch of other fast food restaurants here. A variety of dining options surround the Institute's classroom building, dorms and there are number of excellent restaurants near Wenceslas Square. There is a supermarket located next to the dorm.



Students will be staying in a newly renovated dormitory of the Prague Economic University (Kolej Roosveltova) in Strojnicka 7, Praha 7, which is located 15 minutes from the city center. Rooms are 1 to 3 bed rooms, mostly organised to cells, in which a double-bedded and a tripple-bedded room (or a single and a double) share one bathroom and a kitchenette. The dorm has a laundry room, a gym and a bar. There are many leisure time possibilities in the closest neighbourhood of the dorm, including the National Gallery, the ZOO, parks, cinema club, and many traditional Czech bars and restaurants. Convenient day and night transportation to downtown Prague is also located near the dormitory.