July 28 - August 4, 2012 - Prague, Czech Republic

Reading materials

Workshop - Nationalism in the Balkans and lessons learnt for Europe

Sunday 29th July

1. Daskalovski Z. Macedonia: Challenges of Interethnic Powersharing and Integration

2. Wolff S. Consociationalism, Power Sharing, and Politics at the Center

3. Abizadeh A. Historical Truth, National Myths and Liberal Democracy: On the Coherence of Liberal Nationalism

4. Pantelić B. Memories of a time forgotten: the myth of the perennial nation


Workshop - Migration and immigrant integration policy in the EU

Monday 30th July

1. Mežsl I., Akule D., Polatside V. Latvia. Migration Trends.

2. Mežsl I., Akule D., Polatside V. Latvia. Institutional and Policy Framework for Admission and Employment.


Workshop - The debt crisis, EU and Eurozone response to it and scenarios of their future development

Tuesday 31th July

1) Euro break-up -the consequences, UBS investment research

2) Euroland´s hidden balance of payments crisis, Deutsche Bank Research

3) History repeating itself: From the Argentine default to the Greek tragedy?, CEPS commentary

4) Krugman P. Apocalypse Fairly Soon

5) Why Berlin is Balking on a Bailout, Hans-Werner Sinn, Why Berlin is Balking on a Bailout


Workshop - Future enlargement of the EU

Wednesday 1st August

1) Sedelmeier, Ulrich (2010) "Enlargement: from rules for accession to a policy towards Europe?", In: Wallace, Helen and Pollard, Mark A. and Young, Alasdair R., (eds.) Policy-making in the European Union. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 401-430.

2) Huntington, Samuel (1996), The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, New York, Simon & Schuster. Chapter 5 & 6.

3) Grant, Charles. A New Neighborhood Policy for the EU. Centre for European Reform, March 2011. 


Workshop - EU a global actor

Thursday 2nd August

1. European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012

2. Krotz U. Momentum and Impediments: Why Europe Won't Emerge as a Full Political Actor on the World Stage Soon

3. "Europe on the World Stage" speech by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy at Chatham House

Workshop - Democracy and governance in the EU

Friday 3rd August

1. Standard Eurobarometer 76

- First Results (just download to have it with you)

- Annex (just download to have it with you)

- Media use in the EU (please read that one)

- National reports (read the report from your own country)

2. VoteWatch

- please have a look without deeper research (just to know the page)

3. European politics online. The case of the Polish members of the European Parliament