July 28 - August 4, 2012 - Prague, Czech Republic


The perfect setting for this exceptional educational exchange makes the Czech capital of Prague, a spectacular city and a lively center of culture. Fortunately, Prague city center and some of the suburbs did not suffer much of damage from during the World War II as well did not experience radical rebuilding during the Communist era. Recovered from floods, Prague remained one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe with winding narrow streets, gothic churches and baroque palaces. No less of interest is a wide selection of preserved Romanesque, Neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveu, Cubits and Socialist -Realist architecture. The program of the Institute is designed to ensure, that students will have time and opportunity to enjoy Prague's many historical points of interest, theatrical and musical performances, and magnificent architecture.



Culture - that is Prague. It was the European city of culture of the year 2000. Students will most likely going to have a hard time choosing where to go. Prague is famous world-wide for its numerous bars and restaurants, night clubs and discos. There are so many cultural events going on at the same time that even if you live in Prague you have no chance to track them all.